About Ravina

Ravina who is an established self taught hair and makeup artist has turned her dream into a reality. She has worked her way up to showcase her skills all around the country and internationally.

Ravina was brought up in a family environment of hard workers and business owners. This gave her the motivation to become who she is today with all the support she has had from family and friends.

As she spent her time growing up watching her mum and aunties get ready for special occasions, fascinated by the products they used and techniques they displayed to enhance their beauty. Ravina enjoyed being creative and artistic and thought to put her passion into something she very much loved.

She spent countless hours researching new trends, hair styles and product lines in the glossy pages of bridal magazines that she could only dreamt of being in. Every time she learnt something new she would try it out on her sisters and cousins who played the part of willing models. Ravina started out doing hair and makeup for her family and friends and quickly her talent had spread out by word of mouth around the West Midlands. Now a decade later she is now travelling around the country and internationally.

Ravina specialises in all areas such as Bridal, Media and Fashion. She has worked alongside many great asian music producers, singers and radio presenter Noreen Khan. Ravina’s favourite part of the job is beautifying her brides with her unique artistic style. Also being one of the most important people that makes a brides day even more special is to help her look the way she has always imagined.

Now after over a decade in the industry Ravina has perfected her trademark style of hair and makeup and is still continuously learning new trends and techniques. She has always used the best ranges of makeup such as, Nars, Illamasqua, Mac, Urban Decay, Anastasia, Gorgio Armani and Charlotte Tilburry.

In the fabulous world of hair and makeup Ravina has now achieved many dreams of hers. For the first time she has now featured in the Asian Bride Magazine and has showcased her talent at many Asian wedding exhibitions.

Ravina hopes to continue and share her passion of creative hair and makeups with all of you!

Knowledge of Experience